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Pax# Advising
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HUB# Team work

The first contact is easy, the challenge is to generate meaningful connections.  PAX#, an international and professional team, is ready to face the challenges that the tourism sector presents. 

Pau Pitarch
Associate partner -

ESADE Business School Degree in Tourism Management; Bachelor in Tourism from the University of Barcelona – CETT

Pau has more than 12 years of experience in tourism sector and specializes in hotel viability studies, tourism market analysis, strategic management and revitalization of tourism destinations, quality systems implantation and tourism product creation. He has developed projects in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Spain, United Kingdom, Egypt and Ukraine among others.

Pablo Urani Higgimbotton
Associate Partner -

MBA by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia EAE – Nottingham Trent University; Bachelor in Economics from the Cordoba National University (Argentina).

Pablo has more than 12 years of experience in the consultancy sector and specializes in tourism viability studies, development of economic models, strategic management and revitalization of destinations, competiveness market analysis and tourism product creation. He has developed projects in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Morocco, United Kingdom and USA among others.

Pedro Torrabadella Carrasco
Associate Consultant -

Master in marketing and sales from the EAE Business School; Master in Publicity and PPRR from the Ramon Llull University.  Pedro specializes in the definition and development of marketing and corporate communication strategies. With more than 10 years of experience in the tourism sector, he is an expert in branding (brand creation and construction), and developing international projects for both tourism destinations and companies belonging to Horeca Group.

Fernanda Muñoz Miguel
Architect & Interior Design -

Master in Interior Design from UPC Barcelona; Degree in Architecture from Universidad del Desarrollo of Chile. Fernanda specializes in hotel, commercial and residential interior design, with more than 12 years professional experience in projects of architecture, interior design, project management and coordination of engineering at both national and international public and private initiatives. She has participated in projects developed in the United States of America, Panama, Italy, Spain, Andorra and African continent among others.

Jordi Castelló
Associate Consultant -
Master's Degree in Global Economic Policy by the New School University; Bachelor of Social and Economic Sciences by the New York University; Diploma in Tourism Business Administration, more than 25 years of experience in the tourism and hotel industry. Jordi’s professional career developed in the US, within the fields of marketing and travel distribution, development and growth of accommodation business, strategic thinking for the expansion of companies, and as an advisor on transactional and viability hotel ventures. He has developed projects in the United States, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Spain, United Kingdom and Ukraine among others
Josep Maria Capella Oliva
Associate Consultant -
MBA | Bachelor in Business from ESADE Business School, more than 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. Marketing and teaching specialist, consultant and trainer with extensive experience in the Spanish territory. Participated in the development of different marketing plans for companies and tourist destinations. His specialties are product creation, awareness and implementation projects for destinations related to quality and sustainability management, marketing and competitiveness.
Vanessa Saavedra Méndez
Master in Hotel Management and Catering Companies from the University of Lleida-Ostelea Schoool of Tourism & Hospitality-EAE. Degree in Commercial Engineering from the Catholic University San Pablo (Bolivia). Experience in Strategic Planning, data analysis and KPI'S in banking. Worked as financial advisor in investments. Additionally, she participated in commercial planning tasks in the textile industry. In the tourism sector is the project analyst in the PAX # team.
Alfredo García Orellana
Associate Consultant -

Degree in Architecture from the Central American University Jose Simeon Cañas UCA of San Salvador, El Salvador.

Alfredo has participated as a project manager in the design and execution of works for tourism and restoration business, with more than 8 years professional experience in the Central American region. He specializes in diagnostic studies, architectural and urban design, project contextualization, normative analysis and coordination of teams.

Esther Brol
Associate Consultant -

Master in Re-engineering, Computers and Social Communication Technologies; Bachelor in Policy Sciences from the Galileo University of Guatemala.  Esther has   more than 15 years of experience in tourism sector and specializes in communication and public opinion fields, marketing plans for tourism destinations, product launching, organization and management of promotion campaigns and public relations, and tourism markets analysis. She has developed projects in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, USA, Spain, Germany and France among others.

Paola Quintero Fuentes
Associate Consultant -

Master in Territorial Planning and Environmental Management from the University of Barcelona; Degree in Economics from the NATIONAL University of Colombia.

Paola specializes in tourism destinations and strategic planning of regional development, marketing plans, planning and creation of tourism product, market analysis and competiveness studies. She has developed projects mainly in the Latin American region especially in Colombia (Bogota, Cartagena de Indias, and Saint Andrew’s island) among others.

Pax# Advising